Effects of Aging and Technology on Cultural Identity


Social Identity What characterizes a society is the routes in which human needs are fulfilled and whether we can take into account more satisfactory fulfillment of the whole arrangement of necessities relies on upon how we sort out our social and monetary frameworks.

There is fundamentally one society staying on this planet, the Industrial Culture. All others appear to be destined to vanish. A standout amongst the most essential precepts of the modern society is the confidence in the interminably developing economy. However the soul of industrialism is quickly losing its grasp. The precept of material development has signally neglected to furnish individuals with any enduring goals or qualities. The social request is consuming all its imaginative vitality on simply keeping up business as usual.

We are currently an overpopulated and over consuming society that is squeezing the conveying limit of the worldwide environment.

There is no association between expanded expectations for everyday comforts (past adequacy) and bliss/happiness. There can be undoubtedly material expectations for everyday comforts in Australia have expanded subsequent to 1960. However consider the rate of homicide and other savage wrongdoing, the expansion in medication and liquor misuse and suicide. No doubt we live in a less glad society in 2006 than in 1960. It is hard to draw a line amongst adequacy and luxury, in any case it is sure that in Australia we are passing on of the hassles of plenitude as opposed to the burdens of lack.

On account of science and accomplishments in the wellbeing field we would all be able to anticipate longer lives and in this manner a more extended time of our lives in retirement. The marvels of cutting edge pharmaceutical have given us much more prominent futures. In the event that you resign in your fifties you may in any case have half of your grown-up life before you. Men and ladies of 60 are simply starting middle age. We can hope to live … furthermore, be profitable … for other twenty or more years. We can be dynamic, contributing individuals from society for quite a long time to come. We are the best instructed era ever. It would be unexpected that when science says we can keep on being dynamic, contributing individuals from society for a considerable length of time to come, we neglect to profit by the technology made by our own era.

They say there are two sureness’s in life – charges and passing. Well there is a phase that as a rule precedes demise – it’s called The Golden Years. It is the time when the body doesn’t move entirely as quick as it used to, when the psyche doesn’t work very and also it used to and where both of these truths don’t make a difference as much as they used to.


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