Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Should You Buy It Now?


Microsoft has the surface Pro 3. The device is the first to be a tablet that can fully replace your Laptop with the Desktop.

The company called here is nothing revolutionary with stand, in addition to the keyboard, and multiple Ports, press -, including Full-size USB 3.0, Mini-DisplayPort, and microSD™ card reader.

The main advantage is that you can have your favorite Office Software, including full support for Microsoft Office-package, on-the-go and use the attractive Touch-interface for work Of course you can.your favorite entertainment Apps, including games, music and movies

This writer now test to see if the advertising. The model is in the core i7, the fastest processor offered.

On the other hand, the Computer is very flexible and, as a developer, offers the ability to develop.NET Software.

The Windows 8.1 operating system offers a new polished Business. The most important functions of the Desktop feels refreshed.

Many applications have been improved and adapted for display on the surface of the 3-h. In Outlook 2013 has a Touch mode, like in Adobe Photoshop CC.

A handle for the image on the screen writes. The pen is a nice Feature, but can learn to take a little while for a beginner to use it.

With much love the Touchpad on the keyboard. It works well, especially with the plane, but it is not a replacement for the Touchpad on your Notebook keyboard. Display of the highest quality and can be compared only with the Retina Display on the Apple product.

Use as a Desktop Computer, you can easily connect a lot of peripherals without any special difficulties.

Microsoft has some success in the recovery of the traditional Windows Desktop, on the Tablet and it will be the future of Computing. Improving the use of sensory significantly strengthened the impression.

Further improvements on the way. It is reported that Microsoft released a new operating system. This is done in the spring of 2015 and has the code name “Threshold”.

The threshold is also. some of the major changes in the user interface, in addition to the new start menu and modern apps with Windows It is rumored to include the addition of virtual Desktops. Similar to the operating system OS X, which already supports virtual Desktops, enabling users to launch and switch between applications or groups of applications more smoothly.

Despite these successes, the surface Pro 3 is still not a worthy replacement for the iPad.

Windows 8 user interface (interface) feels unrefined. As an iPad user moves on to the modern user interface looks very pleasant.

Multi-Touch operating system of the iPad is the user interface of Windows’. Haptic application on the iOS is smooth and fluid, while on Windows, less polished, and error-prone.

The application can also be the use of clunky. Many of the features of Windows discarded in favor of simplicity. To manipulate advanced users are not allowed Windows seems to be rejecting.

Working with Windows applications is not intuitive. Interfaces to install, delete, and move Apps work on iOS, and you have to constantly hunt with the right mouse button on the Windows interface.

Another question, the Windows Store, in which there are no attractive applications. Popular Apps like the App feedly. As the operating system on the Basis of Web-technologies, it should be easier to add Web content. It is sad.

Despite some shortcomings, the surface Pro 3 is a good step forward for Microsoft and Touch-control. Although the users of Apple device, certainly less than a “revolutionary”, those who spend most of their time in Windows and Office can find the package a worthy Upgrade.


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